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I am founder and CEO at Tech Mentors Pakistan.I am a dreamer and a fanatic of all digital things.I've got more than 5 years of experience in digital products,developed hundreds of websites , including National and international customers who have relied on me for design, implementation and management of their digital products. I am honored to work with special people and to do seminars in different universities and colleges and coming back with honoury awards makes me more motivated.I am also web trainer and trained more than 3000 students.
As a Developer, I have ability to adapt in different work environments and adjust with different individuals very easily. I can perform best as part of a team and can also perform with the same efficiency and effectiveness while working on my own.I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs.
I've been in the business of web development since I started schooling back in 2011.Since i was a baby programer at that stage but after 2013 i start working in a software compnay as a professional web developer and the journey just started. After graduating from Abasyn University Peshawar, I've been actively involved in the web design & Development community for the last 5 years. I've designed websites for small businesses, corporations,government, nonprofits, musicians and more. Working within team environments has allowed me to develop a clear focus on what’s important, learning how to overcome obstacles by improving open communication and collaboration. I drink coffee, Inspire people and go for outing when i am bored.I write code and improve my skills every day.


MY 3D Approach


Converting an idea into a right type of design is a special skill of mine. I’ve created my own idea-to-design process to develop eye-catching, stylish and modern designs.


There is no idea that we can not make digital.This is where I walk the walk! I can single handedly convert any PSD design into a fully functional HTML5 or PHP based website.


They say go big or go home? I say get it right or go home! 97% complete is incomplete. If the project doesn’t meet ALL of the requirements, then the project is not yet done.



Shafiq is innovative, brilliant, leader, outstanding behaviour, and a hard working person. i recommend him.

Jahangir Khan

Jahangir Khan

Software Developer - Team Mate

If i can call myself '' web developer '' now, so it only because of sir shafiq, all the efforts which has been subsidized on me was not possible without sir shafiq, i am so much glad for having shafiq sir as a faculty and as brother aswell .. 😍 Granting best wishes for your future .

Aamir yousafzai

Aamir Khan Euosophxai

Student- web development

In my life you are the only teacher whom I inspired! Sir you are the best at all and didn’t saw a teacher like you. Stay blessed, Stay happy and best of luck ❣️

Essa Rahat

Essa Rahat

Web Designer - Student

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