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Hi, I’m Shafiq
a React.Js Developer

I’m a Senior Full Stack developer and an online business consultant with 7+ years of experience. I have major skills in Front-End using TDD approach. I apply creativity and logic at the same time as I build out complex applications and websites. My process starts with a pen and paper and ends with a robust QA process and Smile 😊

What I Do

My Development Process is Optimized for Value.

Throughout my 7+ years of industry experience , I have worked on a wide variety of projects with multinationals,
agencies, and startups. I’ve learned that successful product must be passed through different phases.


Understand the client’s subject matter completely and build on the knowledge related to it, becoming intimately familiar with the subject matter. Determine methods to address the specific customer’s needs and requirements.


Misleadingly thought of as the superficial appearance of a product, design actually encompasses a lot more. It is a cross functional process that includes market research, technical research, design of a concept, and prototype mockup.


Front End Developer with 6+ years of experience, excels in diverse projects for telecom, banking, and government sectors. His collaboration with industry giants like Ericsson, MTN, Mobily showcases his expertise in creating impactful digital solutions.

Things I can do quite Well 💪

Front End Development

I have extensive experience working with React.js, TypeScript,Next.Js, Gatsby, related UI and Helper libraries, Hooks, context API, Flux architecture, Redux, , Redux Toolkit/RTK Query, Mobx, HTML5, SASS/LESS/CSS3, Bootstrap, Material UI, Tailwand,styled-components Javascript(ES6/ES7/ES8/ES9,ES10), jQuery,

Backend Development

I actively seek out new technologies and stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements. Currently, I’ve experience efficiently coding websites and applications using the following languages/frameworks:


CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes,
WordPress / WordPress Rest APIs,
Wix, Shopify (Basics),
MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase Real-time Database, PostgreSQL,

Visit my portfolio and keep your feedback

My Portfolio

I am passionate about building excellent software that improves the lives of those around me. I specialize in creating software for clients ranging from individuals and small-businesses all the way to large enterprise corporations.Checkout out some of my work projects..

7+ Years of Experience

My Strength

I'm proud to have collaborated with some awesome companies


Sharing the delightful voices of those who have worked with me


United States


For the last 27 years, he’s successfully helped over 6k clients breakthrough limited beliefs and challenges to have better relationships, improved family life, and more success!

WordPress & SEO Client

Upwork- Jan 12, 2022 - Feb 18, 2022

Muhammad Shafiq was quick, great communication, and provided everything I needed for my website. My website went from a poor 25 ranking on Google to 80 in under a few weeks It's still improving. He was easy to work with


Shujat Hussain

Product Head and a self-motivated, team player and a skilled software professional with more than 13 years of experience in software development and team leadingProduct Head at Evamp & Saanga

Evamp & Saanga - Team Lead | Front End

via LinkedIn - January 25, 2024,

I had the opportunity to work with Shafiq in my team at Evamp & Saanga. He has consistently demonstrated a strong command of React.js, Next.js, and the MERN stack, showcasing both technical expertise and a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions. Throughout Shafiq's tenure at Evamp & Saanga, he has consistently delivered outstanding results on a variety of projects. His proficiency in React.js has been instrumental in crafting dynamic and responsive user interfaces, providing our users with seamless and engaging experiences. Moreover, his expertise in Next.js has proven invaluable for projects where server-side rendering and performance optimization were paramount, leading to applications that excel in both speed and search engine visibility.

United States

Yvette Hampton

CEO Finance Navigator

Diversify Management

via Fiverr - Aug 30, 2023

Wonderful service. Shafy and his team did an absolutely fantastic job on my website. If I needed anything edited or revised, he did it expeditiously. Communication was always good and clear. I am very happy with the upgrade of my new site and can’t wait to publish it live. Thank you so much for a Kobe well done!

United States

Micheal Robert

Chief Executive Officer

Website Development Client

via Fiverr - July 20, 2023

Shafiq was extremely communicative, got the project done very quickly as I was in a rush. Super professional looking, if I ever need a website made again or need some changes I will come straight to him. Highly recommend for everyone else!!

Master React.Js Class Student

Adil Khan Marwat

Front End Developer - JavaScript React.Js

Web Development Training Student

Online Class - Sept 4, 2023 - Feb 25, 2024

I had the honour of being mentored by Muhammad Shafiq in web development, and I must say, it was an enlightening journey from start to finish. As both a skilled web developer and a passionate teacher, Muhammad Shafiq brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to the table. From the moment I enrolled in his course, I knew I was in good hands. Muhammad Shafiq has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into digestible chunks, making even the most daunting topics feel manageable.

Visit my blog and keep your feedback

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I am available for hiring and open to any ideas of cooperation.

Phone: +923465554403 Email: hello.shafiqkhan@gmail.com

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